Dear Authors of Accepted papers,

This message refers to papers that have been conditionally accepted for inclusion in the INTERMAG 2003 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Prior to final acceptance, you should revise your manuscript by addressing and incorporating the Referees' recommendations, comments, questions, and/or suggestions. Please prepare your final paper according to the instructions that can be found at the website SEND BOTH ELECTRONIC AND PAPER COPIES. Papers can be prepared in LaTeX or Word. Please download files from this site that refer to paper preparation for the Transactions on Magnetics.

In a cover letter:

Along with the cover letter, mail the final version, in time to reach your Editor by April 18, 2003.
Keep in mind that the submission process requires electronic files with paper backups.

You need to send a final version of your paper containing:

  1. Electronic version of the formatted manuscript and figure files. They can be submitted on floppy disks, CD-R's or zip drives formatted for PC. We can also accept "zipped" or other compressed formats using one of the conversion software listed in the instructions. Also, send separate tiff or eps files for all the figures used in your paper, as the IEEE publishing department cannot extract embedded images in the document. Be sure to label the images accurately, such as "AB01fig1.tif", indicating your paper designation and figure numbers.
  2. TWO paper copies of the paper and one set of enlarged figures. These are to be used by the editor and as back-up, in case problems arise with the electronic version.
  3. The IEEE copyright form and the optional reprint order form must also be fully completed and returned. You can download a blank copyright form from the website above under copyright information.

The earlier your paper arrives, the higher the probability that any last minute problems (format, etc.) with your paper can be resolved. Do not miss the deadline, as we are unable to include late papers in the Conference issue of the Transactions. Send your final version and disks by regular or express mail to your editor. Thank you for your contribution to the Proceedings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already sent in paper copies of your revised paper, but not the disks or copyright forms, PLEASE SEND THE MISSING ITEMS TO THE EDITOR before the 18 April deadline.